Carpet Raw Materials

Bright Vision is a leading supplier of the following Raw Materials for machine made Carpets and Rugs. Major Carpet producers in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa are our valued clients. Our growing list of satisfied customers is a testimony to our commitment to Quality, Reliability and above all superior service.

Jute Yarn: We offer a complete range of Jute Yarns ranging from 6 Lbs (NM 4800) to 30 Lbs (NM 1000) - Single, 2 Ply / 3 Ply Twisted. Make up is "Precision wound cones" 10" x 12" and each cone weigh between 10 to 12 Kgs depending upon the count. Each cone is individually poly wrapped and then 6 cones are packed in a Jute bag. Jute Yarn on cones is also offered on Wooden Pallets to suit client’s need.

100 % Polyester and Polyester Blended Yarn: We also offer a complete range of "Warp yarns" ranging from Ne 10 (NM 18) to Ne 30 (NM 54) - single as well as twisted multi-ply. Make up is 2.2 Kgs cones. Cones are then packed in Card board boxes. Palletisation of cargo is possible on customer request

In addition to stringent quality control during the process of manufacture, Vision™ Yarns are subjected to a "Final Acceptance Test" prior to shipment. Our team of highly qualified inspectors independently audit the quality of each container. Samples are drawn from each container ready for shipment. These samples are first analyzed in our Lab and then sent to an independent test laboratory for exhaustive testing. Following tests are conducted:

"Uster 3" The yarn is tested for evenness and imperfections, Thicks and Thins, Count variation and yarn mass variation.

"UTR 3" This is destructive test which determines the limit where the yarn fails. Uster Tensorapid automatically carries out tests for yarn breaking strength and records the minimum, maximum, average, co-efficient of variation.

"Classimat" This test is carried out to check the imperfections and variations of the yarn.

As a commitment to Quality and to exhibit our confidence in the product, we furnish to our customers the test results for each container shipped from our plant. Each cone of Vision™ Yarn carries the seal of Quality Assurance and our commitment to Quality.

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